Estimated Percentage Complete: 80%

Estimated Completion Date: end Mar 2018

Single PLayer

Watch me bumble my way through a selection of new and old games alike, such as Astroneer, Mass Effect, Planet Coaster and The Forest


CCringe as my multplayer experiences descend into mayhem with games such as H1Z1, L4D2, Overwatch, SWGemu and SWTOR.

Video and Blog

Keep up with me by following my youtube videos, twitch shows and occasional blog posts. I try to add new content every week!

Lets Play & Guides

Maybe I can’t walk the walk, but I certainly can talk the talk! You’ll find Guides and Lets Play series for various games both new and old.

Intrigued, want to know more? Then enter Distinctly Average Gamer

Current Favourite Games

A handful of selected images from a few of the the games I’m playing at the moment. Like the look of them? You’ll find news, reviews, comments and guides inside. Or maybe you won’t. A screenshot is so much easier to do than any of that other stuff!

Shoulders back, chest out
Fear my pointy stick!
tbh it was a craphole before
Gotta love Tracer!
heroic pose no.2
Yeah thats right, scarper!
At last, time to relax...
But I'm probably a better Soldier
i'm so damn cool
I'd like to help but...
And a reasonable Diva!

shameless plug

Okay, you’ve made it halfway down the page and hopefully you like what you see and maybe think that you could do with a website for yourself, your business or your community etc. Well you’re in luck, I can help!

I am happy to work with you on a one to one basis and guide you through the process of setting up and maintaining your website. From acquiring a domain name, to designing your website and hosting it online.

Custom Design

Websites come in many shapes and sizes, designed to suit specific needs and requirements. A gaming website will look and feel totally different to a business website for example. Maybe you just need to publish your articles or maybe you want to host a community – every website is different. I am happy to work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Custom Artwork

Okay, so now you’ve got your brand new website (or maybe an existing website in need of a makeover) but its a bit bare, a bit bland, a bit generic – maybe you’d like it to stand out from the crowd! I can help with logo design, background art, social media graphics, youtube intros, twitch overlays, etc. Everything you need to get your branding just right and to get noticed.

  • 1-2-1 assistance with your website
  • find the right website design
  • purchase domain names
  • website hosting advice
  • basic website tutoring
  • ongoing support
  • websites for business or pleasure
  • stunning easy to use layouts
  • custom wordpress themes
  • woocommerce integration
  • bbPress and buddypress compatible
  • smf forums for large communities
  • complete website branding
  • logo design service
  • custom channel art
  • unique intro videos
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  • advertising flyers
  • custom youtube headers
  • custom twitch banners
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  • personalised signatures

Hang out
in the forums!

Do you have a love of gaming? Try hard but not take it to seriously? Then you’ll fit right in with the Distinctly Average Gamer community! I like to chat about gaming almost as much as I enjoy gaming and am always happy to discuss life, the universe and everything with my fellow gamers. The forums are also a great place to meet and greet fellow gamers, swap tricks and tips and join up for some multi-player action!

follow me!

Twitch streaming 3 nights per week from 9pm. Highlights uploaded to youtube. Other nonsense found on Instagram and Twitter!


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