Tales of a Survivor: Part Two Lost

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Two Lost


So I’m here, somewhere, I don’t know where… The sun is setting and the mist is rolling in over the hills, there is nothing as the eye can see other than fields, grass and trees. Lots of trees. A slight hill in the distance will give me a better vantage point so I make my way towards it and climb to the top. The sun has set now and the moon is beginning to rise, the scenery changes colour and I can almost feel the cold. Its dark, very dark. In a post apocalyptic world devoid of power there are no lights to brighten the sky.


As I reach the top of the hill I do a quick 360 scan of my surroundings. A forest lies ahead, rolling fields and hills to the left and a smaller wooded area to the right with a clearing and what looks like telegraph poles – I make my way in that direction which leads me to a road and in the distance a shambling figure staggers towards me. I don’t think its seen me so I quickly cross the road and follow it hidden in the tree line.


A nearby howl breaks the silence and stops me in my tracks. H1Z1 is deathly quiet apart from the immediate noise of your surroundings. No soundtrack, no music playing, just the sound of your feet and ‘things’ that maybe happening nearby. I pause, scan my surroundings again and press on, still following the road. Up ahead a few broken, rusting vehicles lie abandoned. I nervously approach them and see more shambling figures in the distance. Another howl breaks the silence. Its the dead of night now, the moon is glinting off the road and the shadows of trees provide eerily dark places for things to hide in. Shortly, I reach the cars and take a look around. A bit scrap of metal, a piece of scrap cloth – not much, but they are mine now!


Another howl, this time closer. Time to get out of here! I start running along the road and over the brow of a small hill. In the distance I see a few buildings. I head cautiously towards them, pausing for a few moments looking for movement. All seems clear so I approach. The dilapidated buildings have been empty for a long time, the doors hang off their hinges, the cupboards have been stripped bare and there is a layer of grime and dirt covering everything. I search through every inch of the 3 buildings there and manage to find a few more pieces of scrap cloth, a bottle of stagnant water and a combat knife.


Suddenly an icon appears in the bottom right of the screen; Hunger 49%, Hydration 49%. I’ve been playing for 20 minutes or so and I’m now starting to feel the need to survive more than explore. Again, I scan the horizon but its dark and there are no points of interest. I decide once again to follow the road from the tree line again and stumble across from blackberry bushes. I pick some and eat them recovering 2% hunger and thirst. For the next 5 minutes I fill my stomach and inventory with berries. And with the daybreak the pressing need to survive has passed for the time being…



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