Tales of a Survivor: Part Three Isolation

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Three Isolation


So with my hunger and dehydration dealt with for the time being and my inventory full of blackberries I continue on my journey. The 3 ramshackle buildings I passed a while ago have now disappeared over the horizon as I make my way along the road, still hugging the tree line. The dark shadowy figures shambling in all directions are now lit up by the daylight to reveal the torn clothing and rotting flesh of zombies!


Occasionally as I stray to close they will stop, turn and shuffle after me. But I keep on my path and approach a small outpost consisting of a few houses, a garage and a shop. Pausing for a moment to check for movement I decide to head in, searching through the houses on the outskirts first. A scrap of cloth here, an empty bottle there, nothing really to grab the imagination.


I make my way towards the middle of the outpost, my senses heightened to the sound of danger. I drop into a crouch and make my way around the back of what used to be a village shop and search through the bins. Mexican chilli beef… Sounds revolting, but my hunger is starting to kick in again so I eat it up restoring 25% of my energy.


As I make my way into the shop distant voices shatter the silence. H1Z1 utilizes a superb proximity voice chat system in which you only ever hear noises within hearing distance and this time it was the sound of other players approaching. I head back outside and crouch between the bins I’d recently scavenged and listen to the chat between the players looting the shop.


After a few tense moments, hoping I haven’t been discovered, everything falls silent again. I wait a little longer then once again make my way inside the shop. What, if any loot, had now been taken by those players as the cupboards and shelves were bare. The only building left to search in the outpost was the garage across the street – a 10 second run in what was now broad daylight.


As I debated whether those players had gone yet, the sound of a distant engine become louder. Vehicles are really rare in H1Z1, they require you to gather several parts to get working again and you need to produce your own biofuel. But there was one here and it had just pulled into the outpost. I heard the driver and passenger jump out of the car and listened as their footsteps ran up and down the street. Again, I heard voices, different ones this time, then BOOM, BOOM, CRACK. The unmistakable sound of shotgun fire. I guessed the two sets of players had just met and it hadn’t ended well!


I took that as my queue to leave and left by the same back entrance to the shop as I entered by. Only this time my luck didn’t hold. I guy sporting a motorcycle helmet and AR15 was looking through the bins, saw me and opened fire. Before I really new what was happening I’d been blown away and my last image was of someone searching through my corpse.


Death in H1Z1 is final. You restart at some random location with just a few bandages and a flare. Still shocked from the experience it took me a few moments to gather myself and decide what to do next. Not too far away I saw a mountain range, to get a better idea of where I was I made my way to the top. Beyond lay a dense forest, thinking it would be better to avoid contact with others for a while I figured I could lose myself in it…



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