Tales of a Survivor: Part Six Raided

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Six Raided


With my base built, producing me food and water, I headed off on another scavenging trip. Whilst taking in my usual haunts I would stray further afield this time to get a better feel of my surroundings. Rather than scavenging abandoned cars and trailer parks I also need to venture into villages and towns to search for weapons and ammo – which is fraught with danger.


A couple of hours later I return with my inventory stuffed to the brim with useable items and materials for my base. Upon returning I notice there is a furnace outside my gate and a couple of the shelters have been destroyed. Whilst I’ve been gone, my base has been raided!


Bases in H1Z1 are reasonably easy to make and by design aren’t 100% secure – base building and base raiding is an integral part of the game. The furnace was used to jump over my gate and once inside the raiders simply hacked at my structures with an axe until they forced entry. In a future update gates would be made twice as high, structures 10x more durable and melee weapons 10x less damage to buildings which is much, much better but my heart sank as it dawned on me what had happened.


All of my high value items had been taken and whilst not entirely back to square one I had suffered a considerable kick in the teeth, so I logged off for the night disappointed. Well when I say for the night, 10 minutes later I was back! After a quick read of the H1Z1 reddit I discovered that only a fool keeps high value items in a base, discreet hidden stashes is the way forwards. I gathered as much as I could carry and headed off once again into the wilderness…


After maybe a couple of hours searching I found the perfect location, again my base would be at the foot of the mountains in a forested area at the edge of the map, but this time there was a barely navigable route up and over the mountain touching the border with the ‘exhaustion zone’ that such games have when you stray to far off the beaten track.


My base was rebuilt over the course of a couple of evenings and I hid a small wooden shack, dew collector and animal traps beyond the mountain ridge and completely out of sight. If my base was spotted and raided again, this time it would only contain items I was prepared to lose as I had moved my main operation up to the shack. This shack also provided a superb vantage point to snipe potential attackers from 👿


I also crafted several hand shovels and dug barely visible stashes in the forest and buried my excess loot, spreading it out so that if one was uncovered there would always be more in another.


Fortunately however, as the days and weeks passed my base remained untouched and my hidden shack become a proper home from home. I would often return at the end of every play session and sit on top of the mountain and watch the sunset, but I had learned a valuable lesson…


Nothing in H1Z1 is safe, someone will always get a kick out of looting or destroying your work – never get to attached to ‘your’ stuff. Think like an attacker, if you were breaking into your base, how would you do it? Where would you look for hidden stashes? A big part of H1Z1s appeal to me is not necessarily being a better player than others, but being smarter. I’ll always lose the battle to a 20yo Call of Duty pro but there are other ways to win the war…



My little wooden shack on the edge of the world – behind the shack you fall to your doom, in front and rising to several times the shacks height is the top of a mountain that can only be climbed if you know a very specific route. It doesn’t look like much but it has all the necessary amenities there to keep me alive. And hidden.


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