Tales of a Survivor: Part Seven Tooling Up

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Seven Tooling Up


With my base as secure and well set up as its ever going to be in H1Z1 my thoughts started to turn towards having fun…


This is where a lot of sandbox games fail to grab the player, there are no missions, no achievements, no goals – you are simply left to your own devices. You’ve built a base, set up a source of regular food and water, looted houses and cars, killed a few players and maybe driven a car. On the surface of it, there’s not a lot else left to do.


If however you have an imagination and are content to make your own fun, the H1Z1 map is a massive playground, and to me at least, a world of opportunity…


My first goal was to upgrade my Makeshift Bow, which whilst pretty effective at taking out zombies would be massively outclassed by a moderately geared player. Whilst guns and ammo can generally be found all over the map – although rarely in the same place at the same time, they are most prevalent in towns and villages which of course prove to be a magnet for other players.


I made my way to a couple of outposts I’d spotted on my travels and crept around the buildings always listening for the footsteps of approaching players. I thoroughly searched every room filling my backpack as I went, occasionally finding single bullets, an axe or a combat knife. Nothing especially exciting – although I would later reassess the viability of an axe/machete due to my clumsy marksmanship!


My goal was to acquire a shotgun, AR15 or pistol and finding nothing in the hamlets forced me into one of the large towns on the map. As I approached I could hear distant gunfire and figured that as I wasn’t carrying anything of to high value, if it all ended as badly as I expected it would, I wouldn’t miss what I’d lost!


Fortunately night was falling so I entered the town under cover of darkness carefully picking my way through the abandoned homes, shops, offices and other businesses. Several close calls later I’d found what I was looking for… an AR15 which thankfully I had already found a few bullets for.


Now all I had to do was get out of town…



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