Tales of a Survivor: Part One Prologue

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Tales of a Survivor: Part One Prologue


H1Z1 is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game in which you (along with the other players on your server) are a survivor. Life is harsh, you eke out an existence scavenging for food and water to manage your hunger and thirst whilst fighting off (or avoiding) other players, zombies, bears and wolves. Of course not every player you meet is hostile, but I prefer to shoot them in the face just to be sure.


If you have not played a proper sandbox survival game before you’ll be in for a shock. There is no hand holding, no starter area or tutorial, you are just dropped into some nameless region of mid-America with the objective being to survive. There is no map, no indication of which way to go and no targets to achieve. You can, and probably will play all night, die somehow and achieve nothing.


So why are sandbox games so much fun? Well, turn the previous paragraph on its head and that’s exactly why its fun! You can go anywhere, do anything and set your own goals. You aren’t tied to a starter area until level whatever before heading of to the next zone – in fact you’ll never reach level 10 as there are no levels and the map is one big seemless area! Oh and you are never sent on some tedious flower hunt or kill 10 rats quest, you decide what’s fun and you set your own goals.


The environment is big, varied and filled with useable loot and items. You have the canvass and the tools, it’s entirely up to you how you use them.


In this series of blogs I’ll recount my first 100 hours in H1Z1, from the initial feeling of loneliness and desperation through exhilarating highs and devastating lows. Its been a hell of a ride and I’ve enjoyed every moment. I hope you will too.



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