Tales of a Survivor: Part Nine One Step Ahead

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Nine One Step Ahead


Base building is a cool feature in H1Z1.


Gather enough resources together and you can build your own base and place it pretty much anywhere on the map. Bases can be fortified with gates, walls, punji sticks and barb wire and built to several different specifications (its alpha, expect this to grow). On PvE servers are completely safe, I choose to play on a PvP server however…


During my 350+ hours and counting in H1Z1 I have raided numerous bases belonging to other players and walked away with all their worldly belongings – sometimes returning several times when there’s more than I can carry! To break into a base you need to craft enough explosives to destroy any gates/doors (several days looting to gather enough resources) transport it to the base in question and hope you have enough time to get away with your dastardly plan. That or kill any other players/zombies in your path.


If you’re smart you will also take a couple of hand shovels with you. Hand shovels are one use items that allow you to dig a hole in the terrain and bury items. This ‘stash’ is useful to hide any items you can’t carry away from the base you’ve raided, allowing you to return at a later date and collect them at your leisure.


Of course stashes can be uncovered by other players if you are very observant – and I’ve looted my fair share of those too!


The best base locations in my opinion are in discreet hidden locations on the edge of the map or high traffic areas (as you’ll get picked off by random passers by). However, the determined will almost always find and raid your hidden base (although I currently have 3 bases that have never been raided, so fingers crossed!)


Finding hidden bases is a hobby of mine… I do however leave any within a certain radius of my base alone, especially my remote locations so as not to dirty my doorstep so to speak. Or I should say I didn’t until I started playing with Jono.


Jono and I set up a couple of hidden bases in the South East of the map near DeSoto Services, a fairly popular area of the map. After we had established ourselves in the area we decided to rile the neighbours a bit. We broke into and looted a couple of players bases and left explosive gifts for others. I also built a sniper base overlooking DeSoto that I could sit comfortably in and pick off passers-by.


This would obviously attract attention and annoy the local population. But if H1Z1 has taught me anything, its to always think ahead…


Returning to this Sniper Outpost in the days to come I would find a landmine outside the gate. If I had logged out inside the base, when I returned and exited through the gate it would have detonated. If I had returned to my base and simply ran up the steps to the gate, it would have exploded – fortunately I do neither of those and spotted each landmine that was left for me over the coming days.


The steps leading up to my Outpost also begin in a blackberry bush – the perfect place to leave a landmine I thought. I always avoided that bush and jumped up onto the steps about halfway up. In the coming days, at different times, both maxjamJr and Jono would run through the bush and get suddenly redistributed across the landscape!


Thinking ahead had saved my life on at least half a dozen occasions. It was also soon to prove profitable…


This Sniper Outpost base was proving to be a thorn in the side of anyone passing through DeSoto. Not only did I use it to snipe passers-by but one weekend I landmined the village, returned to the Outpost and waited. Upon hearing explosions I would run back down and collect the loot. It kept me amused one rainy Saturday afternoon!


Figuring that it would be pretty obvious to all concerned that this recent upturn in activity coincided with my Sniper Outpost appearing I never stored any loot in this base, certainly nothing more than a bit of food and water to sustain me through long periods of inactivity. I did however continue to build the base up and make it look like it was being lived in and used regularly, from the outside it would appear as a prime target to raid.


The inside of the base as you might imagine was very different… You had to follow a certain path through the base to reach my sniping spot otherwise you would step on one of the landmines I had hidden and booby trapped the base with – a final insult to the residents of Desoto 😈


Following a weekend spent playing Battle Royale (a H1Z1 event server – see future blog) I returned to my Outpost and noticed that it had indeed suffered an attack. I repaired the damage, picked up the 2 bags of loot where my landmines had been and smiled.


Now if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be even more determined to have my vengeance. I’d better beef up security…



A view from the top of my Sniper Outpost overlooking Desoto Services


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