Tales of a Survivor: Part Four Home

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Four Home


So I had found myself a nice quiet corner of the 8km x 8km map (due to rise to 128km x 128km before launch) in the foothills of a mountain at the back of a large forest. I surveyed the local area and stumbled across a couple of other player bases within a 1km radius and a few interesting POIs that I could scavenge loot from.


I headed back to the foothills and located a secluded area in a bit of a natural dip in the landscape – unless you were to run directly past the spot you would never know it was there. Barring the occasional zombie, wolf or bear attack I should be pretty safe.


I had accumulated a small pile of items on my travels and opened up the discovery and crafting window. H1Z1 utilizes a cool system in which you put items into 1 of 4 discovery boxes until you find the right combination to actually discover something – which in turn will add it to your recipe journal and allow you to craft it. Its a fairly straight forwards system that allows you to discover a lot of simple items easily and gives you the number of items you have yet to discover with the materials you entered, so you don’t wonder if you’ve missed anything.


Within 10 minutes I had a dozen or so recipes in my journal and had equipped a makeshift bow, half a dozen arrows, hatchet, bandages and a satchel. I also had a ‘shopping’ list of items I needed to gather to start making my base. Using the /loc command (that I had now discovered from reading the forums) I wrote down my location and headed off.


An hour later I returned with everything I needed. The trip mainly consisted of scavenging abandoned cars and looting derelict houses. Thankfully I did not encounter any other players and most zombies were now usually dispatched at a safe distance with an arrow to the head. Wolves would still present a problem as they would run up to me before I could drop them with an arrow (as does the occasional zombie), but switching to the hatchet would finish them off.


A few moments spent crafting later I had a deck foundation, a large shelter, a dew collector, a furnace and a BBQ. I placed them carefully on the landscape and finally had somewhere I could call home. A reasonably secure area I could rest up, craft, cook and eat without the ever present threat of being eaten or mauled to death.


At last I was making progress…



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