Tales of a Survivor: Part Five Self Sufficiency

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Five Self Sufficiency


Now that I had the beginnings of a base my next goal was security and self sufficiency – which would require another few scavenging trips.


By now I was getting pretty adept at spotting danger well in advance. Zombies are few and far between (although this will change in an upcoming update) wolves give a tell tale howl when they are near and bears whilst quiet are massive lumbering objects that despite being usually deadly can be easily avoided if you keep your eyes open.


The next few scavenging trips went off without incident. I had learned a route that took me to each location in turn and I thoroughly surveyed the area before approaching, waiting until any other players present had left. Occasionally I’d hear the distinctive crack of gunfire in the distance which would stop me in my tracks but on the whole they were fairly uneventful trips.


Upon returning, my base was now beginning to take shape. I now had 3 large shelters on the foundation and a viewing platform. I had erected walls all around the outside and a PIN protected a metal gate across the entrance. My Dew Collector now had several empty bottles inside collecting water, the BBQ and Furnace were fuelled with charcoal and I had acquired a lighter. Located beneath of my base I had also placed several animal traps that were producing a large amount of rabbit meat. I could now keep myself fed, hydrated and secure.


I also crafted several storage containers and dropped them in my base in which I could store my loot, freeing up my inventory for future scavenging trips. My goals were now shifting from surviving to thriving. Future scavenging trips would take me further afield in search of backpacks, weapons, ammunition and vehicles.


I was feeling pretty upbeat about the future…



A pic of my base from the foot of the mountains behind



A pic of my base from the top of the 2nd tier. Bases are modular, I have designed mine with 3 large shelters (rooms) on the ground floor, a large and a standard shelter on the second floor (along with a dew collector and some animal traps – so that’s food and water sorted!) and some steps up so I can walk along the top giving me a great vantage point and sniper spot.


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