Tales of a Survivor: Part Eight Exploration

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Tales of a Survivor: Part Eight Exploration


Exploring… I love exploring. H1Z1 whilst ‘only’ having a reasonably small 8km x 8km map at this early stage of alpha does offer a surprisingly large terrain to explore. Its amazing what you can find whilst your out and about. Little POIs that barely anyone knows about, abandoned cars and buildings in the middle of nowhere, caves, islands, radio towers. And other peoples hidden bases…


Since I have teamed up with Jono ingame I have built a second (and third – more on that in part 9) base down in the south east corner of the map (I was based in the north west previously). We are hidden away in a remote location several minutes outside of Desoto Services, a small but fairly popular hamlet.


I had scouted the area previously keeping my eyes peeled for neighbours but all seemed clear. Clear that is, until yesterday evening. Another scouting trip had taken me right to the edge of the map and whilst running across a mountain ridge I spotted a hidden valley and a clump of tress that I might be able to hide a future base in.



I made my way carefully down the side of the mountain so as not to slip and fall to my death and slowly discovered that I wasn’t the first person to think of this idea.



I approached with caution as a base slowly came into view.



No one seemed to be around so I surveyed the situation. Hidden expertly under the tree cover, unless making your way specifically down the mountain this base would remain completely hidden from prying eyes. A locked shack sat next to a half built base. The owner was obviously in the process of building up his base whilst working out of his shack – which gave me an opportunity.


Once built a base requires a great deal of explosives to break into. Firstly you have to destroy the main gates then you have to blow up the doors to each of the individual rooms. Not only is it a time consuming process to undertake but a logistical nightmare to gather and transport all of the materials to your chosen target.


A shack however is a much weaker structure and if I moved quickly, could be raided.


I ran back to my base and crafted a dozen or so IEDs that I already had the resources for and contacted Jono. Fortunately Jono was in his base, not too far from my own, grabbed a couple of IEDs and met up with me. We made our way back to the shack and positioned half of the IEDs on the steps in front of the shack, lit the fuse and retreated.


Fifteen seconds later and following a loud explosion we returned to the shack… It was still standing. We deployed the remaining IEDs, lit the fuse and crossed our fingers – if this didn’t work we would have to make more which would take all evening allowing the owner of the shack time to return, repair it and move any valuables within to a safer location.


Tick, tick, tick, boom! After the explosion and subsequent fires died down we returned once again to the shack… Success! The door had been blown off and we were in! Inside was a single storage container containing numerous high value items. Weapons, ammo, tools, crafting materials, an IED and a Landmine. The difference between IEDs and Landmines is that an IED has a 15s fuse, whereas a landmine once placed explodes whenever anyone comes within 2m of it.


Between the two of us we completely emptied his shack and as a parting ‘gift’ left his landmine under the steps of his base 😛


Oh and we also found his truck and nicked that too.



Cruel? Maybe, but its all part of the fun as you will discover in my next blog…


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