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Razer Mouse Bungee


When it comes to unconventional gaming accessories you can’t get much odder than the Razer Mouse Bungee. The Bungee is basically a specially built spring mounted to a very solid base. Be prepared to waste a good 10 minutes pretending it’s a bobblehead or trying to launch paperclips. You feed your mouse cord up along the Bungee and slot it into the top. It looks and feels weird at first and you’ll need to spend some time adjusting the free length of the mouse cord to suit your setup.


I’ve never really been particularly plagued by mouse cord issues but the Bungee promises to help avoid even the slightest twinge that could impact your gaming. To be honest I thought the Bungee was a bit of a gimmick but after plenty of use in games we can actually see the appeal. It keeps your mouse cord out of the way at all times and we never had any tangling issues. If you’re really active with your mousing it does start to give more tension than is desirable at the extremes of the motion. The large rubber bottom feet mean the Bungee stays put on your desk no matter how hard you throw your mouse around.



Will the Bungee transform your gaming? No. But if you have a cluttered desk a mouse you love with a stiff cord or just like gaming gadgets the Bungee is a decent buy considering it’s only £20 from the Razer store.



Reduces gaming resistance
Dual spring head
Anti-slip feet
Pros : Solidly built actually works.
Cons : Potentially overkill takes up desk room not magical.

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