Estimated completion date

currently: end Feb 2017

Solo Play

Games such as Elite Dangerous, Kerbal Space Project, Civ VI, Planet Coaster


CSGO, Overwatch, The Forest, to name but a few.

Video and Blog

Keep up with me by following my youtube videos, twitch shows and occasional blog posts.

Blah blah blah

Put somethign else here, dunno what but we’ll work it out!

I stream from 7pm-9pm Come watch!

Current Favourite Games

A handful of selected images from the games I’m playing currently. Dunno what else to write here but needs a couple of extra lines to look good! See, without these extra sentences it looks a bit crappy. Maybe even a third sentence to make it look really good!

when all else fails

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Highlights uploaded to YOUTUBE

  • Tournament system
  • team war system
  • Users can create and manage teams
  • Predefined page layout for teams
  • Full buddypress support!
  • Page builder powered by Visual Composer
  • WooCommerce support
  • WPML Ready
  • Translate ready – .po files included
  • Rating System , widget included
  • bbPress ready, create your own community!
  • Fully responsive design
  • Unlimited colours
  • Upload your own backgrounds
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 Styling
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Powered by Theme barracks with extensive options
  • Awesome Page builder with loads of blocks, simply drag and drop to create the page that you want!
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Seo ready
  • One click install
  • Extensive documentation file
  • Support forum

follow me!

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